2024 NAC Spring Meeting Public Comment

Comments from: Susan Graham, President, Project RACE (Reclassify All Children Equally)

OMB published a set of revisions to Statistical Policy Directive No. 15 Standards for maintaining, Collecting, and Presenting Federal Data on Race and Ethnicity. It is the first revision since 1997.

The Census Bureau has issued a statement. It reads: “The updated standards also aim to provide balance across the race/ethnicity definitions and to remove any outdated and offensive terminology. The updated standards now require that the terminology “Multiracial and/or Multiethnic” rather than “Two or More Races” be used when presenting data for those who identify with multiple race/ethnicity minimum reporting categories.” How will this work? Why have the entities that made this change not been in touch with the Multiracial community?

Going forward, participants in federal surveys will be presented with at least seven “race and/or ethnicity” categories, along with instructions that say: “Select all that apply.” This instruction is very weak and does not address the dilemma that Multiracial people face when filling out government forms that require race and ethnicity.

It is a tough time for minorities in America. Universities and businesses are terminating DEI positions. They are eliminating all positions focused on diversity, equity and inclusion and are halting their DEI-related contracts. Ignoring the Multiracial population does not help.

Project RACE members and Multiracial people request proper acknowledgement for inclusion of the word “Multiracial” and proper acknowledgement of our community. Thank you.