How to send comments to OMB:

  1. Go to
  2. Search in the search bar for OMB-2023-0001
  3. Click on the “Comment” box, you can write as little as one sentence.
  4. Let OMB know that you want “Multiracial” to appear on the US Census and government forms.
  5. Deadline is APRIL 12, 2023


The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) provided ACT ONE in late 2022. They allowed the public to give statements regarding changes to OMB Directive 15, which dictates how race and ethnicity data is presented in America.

A notice from OMB came out recently—ACT TWO. It gives the recommendations of the Interagency Technical Working Group on Race and Ethnicity Standards (ITWG). As you can imagine, it is written entirely in govermentese and takes a lot of work just to get through it. But we did. The only thing we really got out of it is that this is only the second stage of the OMB decision and gave the recommendations of the Working Group and by no means do they represent the final decision. OMB has indicated to us to keep submitting comments.

ACT TWO needs your help. OMB is asking for the public to comment once again on the use of the terms “Biracial” and “Multiracial” on federal forms like the US Census. If you did not respond to ACT ONE, now is the time to get your comments into the OMB. If you did not respond the first time, now is the time to act!