AARP has a Grandparenting Problem

A recent AARP survey found that a third of grandparents have grandchildren of a different race or ethnicity than themselves.

The report states, “Demographics are also changing in the United States, and grandparents are rolling with it, on a whole embracing multiculturalism. Currently, one-third of grandparents surveyed have grandchildren of a different race or ethnicity than their own. Grandparents who have a grandchild of a different race or ethnicity say it is important to help their grandchildren learn about the heritage they share.”

Over the years, Project RACE Grandparents Division has reached out to AARP alerting them to the fact that grandparents are asking for more information on raising their biracial and multiracial grandchildren. On each occasion, we were told that this issue was not of interest to them or our queries were ignored. We offered our expertise in this area and gave many reasons for its importance. We guess they just needed another reason to do another survey. Project RACE Grandparents remains willing and eager to help grandparents of multiracial grandchildren. Contact us at or visit our website at