We are very pleased to add Ian Shen-Costello as Teen Vice-President! Please help us welcome him.

Ian Shen-Costello is a senior at Hunter College High School in New York City. With both Chinese and Italian heritages, he has grown up surrounded by a unique blend of cultures, foods, holidays, and traditions. At his school, he is President of the Mixed & Multicultural Club (M&Ms), which offers a friendly, supportive space to all multiracial students. Through weekly meetings, they discuss the struggles, challenges, and benefits of being multiracial.

Ian is a classically trained pianist and has been playing since the age of four. He is also a concert oboist and loves to play both with his school’s band and a NYC youth symphony orchestra. He has been playing soccer since his freshman year and hopes to help lead the varsity team to a long-sought championship this year. He is passionate about science, especially neuroscience, and filmmaking. Last summer, he entered the Junior Breakthrough Challenge, an international science video competition and was recognized as a Finalist.

Cherishing his biracial identity has taught Ian that you don’t ever have to be confined to one group. He values being both Asian and white as he values being both a musician and an athlete, or a scientist and a filmmaker. As PRT Vice-President, he hopes to demonstrate the advantages of being multiracial and address the injustices against the multiracial community.