It’s Famous Friday!

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BOB MARLEY   This week's famous Friday is about Bob Marley. He was born on February 6, 1945 to Norval Marley (his father) and Cedella Malcom (his mother).  Norval Marley was from East Sussex, England and was a captain of the Royal Marines. Cedella Malcolm was an Afro-Jamaican. Bob Marley went to Stepney Primary School and Stepney Junior High School. In 1955 his father passed at the age of 70 from a heart attack. Later his mother remarried and gave birth to two boys (Marley’s half brothers) named Richard and [...]

Terminology: NO LATINX

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State Stops the Use of the Term “LATINX”   Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed an executive order this week barring the use of the term “Latinx” in official state documents, saying the government should use “ethnically appropriate language.” Sanders, a Republican who gained national recognition as White House press secretary in the Trump administration, signed several orders involving government regulations Tuesday during her first day as governor. “The government has a responsibility to respect its citizens and use ethnically appropriate language, particularly when referring to ethnic minorities,” the executive order read. The term “Latinx” emerged [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

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Hello and Welcome back to this week’s Famous Friday! Created with RNI Films app. Preset 'Agfa RSX II' Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, professionally known as Saweetie is a Multiracial American rapper. She had a debut single “Ice Grl” in 2017 which led her to be signed to Max Gousse’s record label, Artistry Worldwide. She released another album in 2018 called “High Maintenance''. Her second EP “Icy” was released in March of 2019 and her song “My Type” reached the top 40 most popular songs of that year. Saweetie [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

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Chloe Bennet Happy Friday! This Famous Friday we'll highlight American singer and actress Chloe Wang, also known as Chloe Bennet in the professional world. She was born in Chicago, Illinois on April 18, 1992 to a Chinese father and White mother. When she was 15, she moved to China and lived with her grandmother in Beijing as she studied Mandarin and pursued a singing career, under her birth name. She had even received an opportunity to become a popstar in China and said yes! Eventually Bennet went back to the [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

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  Christian Kirk, a wide receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars, is a multiracial athlete from Scottsdale, Arizona. He was born November 18, 1996, and his father is Black, and his mother is White.  Kirk also played college football at Texas A&M but was drafted to the NFL before completing his senior year. Christian Kirk played football at his high school, Saguaro High School and was drafted into the NFL in 2018. Here he was selected in the second round to play for the Arizona Cardinals. Earlier this year in March, [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

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Hello and Welcome to this week's Famous Friday. This week we will be highlighting Rachel Hutsell who is a dancer for the New York City Ballet. She was born to her black mom and white dad of which were both doctors. She was raised in Houston, Texas and was the oldest of her three sisters. Their mother homeschooled them and brought them to dance classes and competitions throughout there early years. The girls would later end up training with dance masters such as ballerina Lorena Feijoo. She started her dance [...]

Comments about a Multiracial Classification

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On October 27th, Project RACE Members were asked to give our thoughts on a Multiracial classification to the Office of Management and Budget Working Group. Our Project RACE Teens President, Maddy Rempel, and her brother, our Project RACE Kids President, AJ Rempel, were exceptional in their presentation, which is below. Thank you to everyone for your support at this critical time. A category labeled as Multiracial would be a step in the right direction. However, this is still not very specific. Therefore, Under the Multiracial option you could have a [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

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  There was a man known by multiple names, some were, The Hardest working man in show business, Godfather of Soul, Mr. Dynamite, and Soul Brother No. 1. He influenced the development of several music genres, and his career lasted more than 50 years. He was one of the first 10 inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Yes, I'm talking about one of the world's favorite singers, James Brown. James was born on May 3, 1933, in Barnwell, South Carolina in a small wooden shack. His mother [...]

Why we need Multiracial in Healthcare

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Science News from research organizations Study analyzing often-overlooked racial/ethnic groups provides a new understanding of pain disparities in the U.S. Racial/ethnic disparities in pain prevalence are much greater than previously thought, according to researcher Date: November 9, 2022 Source: University at Buffalo Summary: Racial and ethnic disparities in pain prevalence in the U.S. are far larger than previously realized, according to the results of a new study. Racial and ethnic disparities in pain prevalence in the U.S. are far larger than previously realized, according to the results of a new [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

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Derek Jeter   This week's Famous Friday is about Derek Jeter, a former professional baseball player who was one of the best in MLB history. Derek was born on June 26, 1974 in Pequannock, New Jersey. His mother Dorthy is of English, German, and Irish ancestry. His father Sanderson is African American. Dorthy is an accountant and Sanderson is a substance abuse counselor. Derek's father played baseball at  Fisk University as a shortstop. Derek also has a younger sister named Sharlee. In high school Sharlee became a softball star. Derek [...]

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