It’s Famous Friday!

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Trevor Noah   Born in apartheid South Africa, comedian Trevor Noah was literally born a crime. Until the early 1990s, institutionalized racial segregation made it illegal for black and white people to interact. With a Xhosa mother and Swiss-German father, Noah couldn’t be seen with both parents. His mother was arrested several times for interacting with his father. He outlines this difficult childhood experience in his compelling autobiography entitled Born a Crime. In it he explains: “As a kid I understood that people were different colors, but in my head [...]

Not Funny

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  In an AP article that appeared on August 15 titled “Larry Wilmore-hosted 'Nightly Show' axed by Comedy” Central, TV writer Frazier Moore wrote that Trevor Noah is black. Project RACE responded below.   You wrote: Though the end of "The Nightly Show" eliminates a rare black-hosted program from the mainstream airwaves, Alterman dismissed any suggestion that race played a role in the show's ratings failure or that a minority host might not be considered in the future. Said Alterman conclusively, "We're all in with Trevor Noah," who is black. [...]

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