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What Kids can Do

2022-10-23T17:15:20+00:00October 23rd, 2022|

I received a question asking how can kids get involved in our program and what can they do? My answer came back as undeliverable, so I am sharing it with you. Thank you for reaching out to Project RACE. In answer to your question, it depends on what ages the children are and what their interests are. The week of June 7 to 14 is Multiracial Heritage Week and is where most of our children are active. They hold parties, ceremonies, etc., often at their public libraries, but they can [...]

New Faces at Project RACE!

2018-09-05T08:32:33+00:00September 5th, 2018|

NEW FACES AT PROJECT RACE   New Project RACE Kids President!   Madelyn Rempel is 12 years old and the oldest of three siblings.  She was born in NJ and has lived in Durham North Carolina and now resides in upstate NY with her family.  Madelyn is part of a multiracial family.  Her mom was born in the Dominican Republic and her dad is from Minnesota (Danish and German) “I get to discover different types of cultures because I am multiracial and I get to learn about different parts of [...]

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