Important Update

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Project RACE Update August, 2018 Census Undercount of the Multiracial Population – IMPORTANT! The US Census Bureau does not want multiracial or biracial people to be counted as multiracial. Numerous organizations both non-profit and governmental do not want the multiracial population counted as two or more races. They want to count us, but as single-race individuals. Outreach programs have been started that systematically omit the multiracial community. This will continue until the 2020 Census. Every community has been asked to be a part of the efforts to count their population [...]

Book Review

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Enemies in Love: A German POW, a Black Nurse, and an Unlikely Romance By Alexis Clark Book Review by Susan Graham Enemies in Love, published by The New Press, is hardly a typical romance novel. It’s the story of Elinor Powell, an Army nurse and Frederick Albert, a German prisoner of war in the 1940s. The first part reads like an academic book and the second half you might think is fiction, but it is very real. The first surprise is that German POWs were held in camps in remote [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

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Famous Friday: Trae Young  Trae Young with mother, Candice, and father, Ray. We told you back in January how awesome Trae Young was, didn't we? Well, I've got an update for you on this 19 year old who just finished his freshman year of college. Trae Young woke up this morning as an All-American college basketball player from the University of Oklahoma and will go to bed tonight (if he doesn't stay up all night celebrating) as the 5th pick in the 2018 NBA Draft.  He woke up a Sooner and will end the night [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

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Kim Wayans Kim Wayans has been in an interracial marriage with Kevin Knotts for over 15 years. They dated many years prior to marriage.  Kim is an American actress, comedian, producer, writer, and director. She is most famous for her numerous roles on Fox comedy show In Living Color. She was also the actress and producer of in the house, Pariah. Kevin Knotts is an actor and writer and the couple live in Los Angeles, California. The couple does not have children.  Kim has said “I’m Auntie Mame. I think [...]

Famous Friday!

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FAMOUS FRIDAY: J. COLE Rapper J. Cole is on fire! I told our Project RACE readers about how awesome and brilliant he was three years ago and he’s only gotten hotter since then. Just last month, his new album, “KOD,” was released, and on that very first day logged more than 36.5 million Spotify streams in the United States alone, a record breaking first-day for Spotify. “KOD” hit No. 1 on the Billboard chart, Cole’s fifth consecutive Billboard No. 1! J.Cole is a German-American hip hop recording artist, producer, and writer from Fayetteville, North Carolina. [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

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Lupita Nyong'o  Box office sensation Black Panther has been in theaters for a little while now. I saw it twice opening weekend and am hoping to see it for a third time this weekend. As I believe everyone has either seen for themselves, or heard from others, the movie is great. But, it wasn’t all about, Chadwick Boseman, who played Black Panther. A large portion of the movie’s great success, earning well over 900 million dollars worldwide to date, is thanks to the movie’s stellar supporting cast. This group of [...]

Don’t Get Conned

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Don’t Get Conned There is one whale of a story going around online today on CNN called “The blurring of racial lines won’t save America. Why ‘racial fluidity’ is a con.” Don’t get conned by believing the article by someone named John Blake. Shame on Blake and CNN for this lopsided story. It’s below, if you really want to read it. The article itself is prejudiced against multiracial people who choose to identify as multiracial. Everyone in it identifies as black, so Blake has lots of friends who are multiracial [...]


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BREAKING NEWS! January 26, 2018   Project RACE received an email from the Census Bureau today with the subject: UPDATE ON 2020 CENSUS QUESTIONS ON RACE AND ETHNICITY. The Office of Management and Budget was supposed to issue their guidelines for the 2020 Census prior to 2018 and they did not. A variety of changes were proposed. Therefore, the bureau will utilize the following for the 2018 Census Test in Providence County, Rhode Island and most likely follow through with them on the 2020 Census:   A separate category for [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

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Lynda Carter The original television Wonder Woman and former Miss World USA is multiracial. Linda was born to a Mexican-American mother and a father of English and Scots-Irish ancestry. Lynda is an American actress, singer, song writer, and model. Lynda landed the starring role on Wonder Woman in 1975 and her acting career took off. She signed a Maybelline cosmetics contract in 1977. She was voted the Most Beautiful Woman in the World in 1978. Lynda has been married twice and has two children. In 1985 she left Hollywood to [...]

Famous Friday: Trae Young

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Famous Friday: Trae Young You’ve probably heard of the Oklahoma Sooner who is taking his sport by storm.  No, I’m not talking about Baker Mayfield. I’m talking about the stellar shooting guard who is leading not only his team, but the entire NCAA in points and assists per game. He’s even drawn comparisons to one of the NBA’s most talented point guards, Steph Curry. As well as getting praise from the two time MVP himself.    Curry Said, "I call it the flair, but it seems like he's always composed and knows what [...]

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