civil rights of multiracial persons


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Did the Census Bureau “allow” multiracial people anything? A new scholarly paper has come out, published by Sage Publications. It’s called “How Policies Can Address Multiracial Stigma” and begins with this: On the second anniversary of the first U.S. Census that allowed Americans to indicate more than one race, public policies and interventions should consider addressing Multiracial-specific forms of stigma. Some of the writers of this paper have written before that the U.S. Census Bureau “allowed” multiracial people to choose more than one race in 1997. One of the writers, [...]

Just like multiracial people

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Today, American Indians and Alaska Natives make up about 2% of the U.S. population but are often left out of national data analyses or marked as statistically insignificant. “I see being eliminated in the data as an ongoing part of the continuing genocide of American Indians and Alaska Natives. If you eliminate us in the data, we no longer exist,” Echo-Hawk says.

Employment Discrimination

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What Emerging Multiracial Plaintiff Cases Suggest About Employment Discrimination Law Tanya Katerí Hernández writes: The presence of fluid mixed-race racial identities within allegations of employment discrimination leads some legal commentators to conclude that civil rights laws are in urgent need of reform. By Tanya Katerí Hernández | November 03, 2017 With the growth of a mixed-race population in the United States that identifies itself as “multiracial,” legal commentators have begun to raise concerns about how employment discrimination law responds to the claims of multiracial plaintiffs. The U.S. Census Bureau began [...]

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