Project RACE Grandparents

Project RACE Grandparents

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Isabel Guarco’s NY Times article about visiting the birthplace of a grandmother and a culture she has never known is poignant and thought-provoking.  We so often focus on physical similarities (or dissimilarities) of multi-racial heritage and give the cultural aspects less attention.  Part of understanding who we are is seeking to understand, appreciate and honor all parts of our racial and cultural heritage.  Guarco’s parents set a wonderful example of helping her assimilate all parts of her history by telling her stories of the Filipino grandmother she never knew.  As [...]

A New Year…

2019-01-02T22:04:26+00:00January 2nd, 2019|

A new year and a new Project RACE Grandparents President! We welcome Beth McNally to our Project RACE family. Please read Beth’s bio below. We’re very excited about her commitment to our multiracial grandchildren. Beth McNally received her B.A. from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN and currently works for a law firm in Northern Virginia in the field of trust/estate and guardianship administration.  She has previously owned her own business and has also worked for non-profit groups handling bequests.   Beth is a volunteer in local politics, Best Friends Animal Society, [...]


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HAPPY GRANDPARENTS DAY! Grandparents are in the wonderful position to be able to pass on to their grandchildren knowledge and wisdom the has mellowed and deepened over many years. Finding special books to read together that offer opportunities to share that wisdom through discussion, whether the books are serious vs. silly, long or short, or fiction vs. nonfiction, are one of the great joys we have when interacting with our little ones. For multiracial families, it is a bonus to find books that feature multiracial characters. As my grandson turns [...]

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