Grandparents Day

Happy Grandparents Day!

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HAPPY GRANDPARENTS DAY! The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is undeniably important. But is it even more important when the child is multiracial? We think so. We know that interracial families are on the rise. We know that the multiracial population is the fastest growing group in America. The social support of grandparents is important in early identity of children. Most of us can fondly remember spending time with our grandparents, which led to memories we still have today. As grandparents to multiracial children, we can enrich their experiences by [...]


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HAPPY GRANDPARENTS DAY! Grandparents are in the wonderful position to be able to pass on to their grandchildren knowledge and wisdom the has mellowed and deepened over many years. Finding special books to read together that offer opportunities to share that wisdom through discussion, whether the books are serious vs. silly, long or short, or fiction vs. nonfiction, are one of the great joys we have when interacting with our little ones. For multiracial families, it is a bonus to find books that feature multiracial characters. As my grandson turns [...]

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