Soledad O’Brien

It’s Famous Friday!

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Soledad O’Brien Soledad O’Brien is an influential broadcast journalist and executive producer who just so happens to be multiracial. Born in St. James, New York, O’Brien grew up with her Cuban mother and Australian father. Interracial marriage wasn’t legal in Maryland at the time her parents wanted to be together but this didn’t stop them. They drove to Washington D.C. for the ceremony because the law was less strict there. Soledad was the fifth of six children who all graduated from Harvard University. Growing up her parents were never afraid [...]

FAMOUS FRIDAY: Soledad O’Brien

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Maria dela Soledad Teresa O’Brien Soledad O’Brien is a forty- nine year old anchor of CNN in America and author of Latino in America. O’Brien’s parents were both immigrants. Her mother was from Cuba and her father was from Australia. Her father was three quarters Irish and one quarter Scottish descent. Her mother a Cuban from Havana was Afro-Cuban. O’Brien was the fifth of six children to graduate from Harvard University. O’Brien currently lives with her husband and four children in Manhattan. O’Brien sees herself as a multiracial, first generation [...]

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