Sir Robert Bryson Hall II

It’s Famous Friday!

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Famous Friday: LOGIC Happy Birthday, Logic! The rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer whose birth name is Sir Robert Bryson Hall II turned 28 this week. Logic was born to a black father, Robert Bryson Hall, and a white mother and raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland. He had a very difficult and violent upbringing as both of his parents struggled with substance abuse and several of his seven siblings sold drugs. Logic says all his siblings are also multiracial, but he appears “the most white”. He was expelled from high school during his [...]

Famous Friday!

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Rapper Logic Sir Robert Bryson Hall II is now known by his stage name Logic. Logic is a twenty seven year old American rapper, singer, song writer, and record producer.  He grew up in poverty in suburban Maryland and was raised by his black father who was addicted to drugs and his white mother who threw racial slurs around. Logic was the youngest of eight children and according to him; he was the sibling that looked most white. His title track Everybody confronts the identity challenges that he experienced growing [...]

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