It’s Famous Friday!

2019-11-07T14:26:30+00:00November 7th, 2019|

Famous Friday: Yes, it’s Svante Myrick, again. Blame him for being awesome. This is my fourth feature on Svante Myrick in as many years, and I can’t promise that it will be the last. In fact, I may promise it won’t be! Svante Myrick, who has become a friend and mentor of mine and a great supporter of Project RACE, earned another landslide election victory on Tuesday and Project RACE wants to congratulate and celebrate him!   While many urged him to run for a more prominent position, Mayor Myrick [...]

It’s Multiracial Heritage Week!

2018-06-07T06:43:51+00:00June 7th, 2018|

We are featuring an important interview today to start Multiracial Heritage Week. Karson Baldwin, our Project RACE Teen President, interviewed Svante Myrick, Mayor of Ithaca, New York, and received a Multiracial Heritage Week proclamation from the city!   Featured Interview: Millennial Mayor Svante Myrick Some people think you should never meet your heroes. What if they don’t live up to the greatness you’ve imagined? Or if they just aren’t nice? What if you embarrass yourself in front of them? But I think, if someone inspires you, you should give it [...]

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