New People – Book Review

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Book Review New People by Danzy Senna New People is about a multiracial woman named Maria. These are some of the terms she uses for multiracial people: Miscellaneous People Mulatto (her favorite word, which means little mule) and Mulatta Multiracial Biracial The “N” Word Odd, twisted girls Racially nebulous Quadroon Negro Born again black people Butterscotch Mestizo Abandoner Mixed “Everything” and my least favorite, “Mutt.” She also says things like, “Being black and looking white was enough of a freak show” and “He was embracing his black identity.” Apparently, biracial [...]

Presidents’ Day – Sally Hemings

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Presidents’ Day - Sally Hemings Presidents’ Day is held in February to primarily commemorate the birthday of George Washington, among other presidents with February birthdates. We are celebrating Sally Hemings for Presidents’ Day. The following information regarding Sally Hemings and President Thomas Jefferson is from Wikipedia. Sarah "Sally" Hemings (c. 1773 – 1835) was an enslaved woman of mixed race owned by President Thomas Jefferson. Most historians believe she was the mother of six children fathered by him,[1 of whom four survived to adulthood; and were given freedom by Jefferson. Hemings was the youngest of six [...]


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WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU’RE ALL MIXED UP NPR has a radio show called “Code Switch” about race and identity. They like cute sounding titles. The title of last week’s show and article was this: All Mixed Up. What do we call people of multiple backgrounds? Mixed…mixing…mixed up…you get it. Project RACE got it 25 years ago when we opted to go with the term “multiracial” instead of mixed, halfsies, bi, mulatto, and a whole lot more. We felt that the community deserved a respectable term with inclusive meaning. Mixed [...]

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