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It’s Famous Friday!

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Jordan Peele “One of the best ways to enter the conversation about race is through art.  If we can have a shared experience in a movie theatre, it gives us more of a basis for conversation.” Jordan Peele (Born Feb. 21st, 1979) is a famous biracial American actor, writer and director.  He is well known for staring on the, Key and Peele Show, which ran on Comedy Central from 2012 to 2015 and for writing & directing the critically acclaimed horror film, Get Out, in 2017. Key and Peele won [...]

Jordan Peele Wins at Academy Awards

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JORDAN PEELE IS FIRST BIRACIAL SCREENWRITER TO WIN BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY! Jordan Peele won an Academy Award Sunday for the movie “Get Out.” Some news outlets are calling him the first black  or African American to win, but he self-identifies as biracial. CNN has refused to use the terms “biracial” or “multiracial” to describe someone of more than one race. It’s back to the one-drop rule for them. NPR and other broadcasters have acknowledged multiracial and biracial heritage. “Get Out” is a thriller film that centers around an interracial relationship. [...]

Movie Review – “Get Out”

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Review: In ‘Get Out,’ Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? (Bad Idea!) The Times critic Manhola Dargis reviews "Get Out." In “Get Out,” an exhilaratingly smart and scary freakout about a black man in a white nightmare, the laughs come easily and then go in for the kill. The writer and director, Jordan Peele (of the comedy sketch show “Key & Peele”), knows how to make shadowy streets into menacing ones and turn silences into warnings from the abyss. His greatest stroke in “Get Out,” though, is to have hitched these [...]

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