It’s Famous Friday!

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Famous Friday – Lana Condor “To me, a modern American girl doesn’t look like any one thing,” the author of the book-turned-movie explained. “And when I look at the people I know, so rarely is anyone just one thing and I wanted to acknowledge that and honor it in this story.”  To All the Boys I've Loved Before is a popular new teen romance film that debuted on Netflix this month. It is based on the novel by Jenny Han. The film stars 21-year-old actress and dancer Lana Condor as Lara Jean [...]


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Who Gets To Be 'Hapa'? Commentary Akemi Johnson Jennifer Qian for NPR Sunset in Waikiki: Tourists sipping mai tais crowded the beachside hotel bar. When the server spotted my friend and me, he seemed to relax. "Ah," he said, smiling. "Two hapa girls." He asked if we were from Hawaii. We weren't. We both have lived in Honolulu — my friend lives there now — but hail from California. It didn't matter. In that moment, he recognized our mixed racial backgrounds and used "hapa" like a secret handshake, suggesting we [...]

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