Hello everyone this is Elle Pierre. Today I am going to talk about embracing my heritage and identity as a Multiracial teenager.

Throughout my life as a Multiracial teenager I was always torn between two different sides of myself. Never truly trusting which side to identify with. Reflecting on the past, I’ve come to acknowledge and appreciate the complexities and nuances of the multiple sides of my life. Whether it be through food, location, or traditions. It’s been very impactful and eye-opening in celebrating these aspects of myself and others.

Additionally, I feel as though my identity has been shaped through this process. Sometimes it involves digging deep into my family’s history through personal testaments or virtual databases. It also includes adapting to different standards and expectations. As alluded to earlier, it has been a long journey of finding out where I fit in my family. However, it becomes encouraging to fully believe in yourself and embrace your heritage and identity. It’s motivating to appreciate the aspects of your different cultures that make you, you. Furthermore, through embracing my heritage and identity I’ve begun to foster a greater sense of inclusivity. I aspire to be the one to start conversations and lead others to creating their own too.

Truly, throughout the years coming to understand and embrace my heritage and identity has been a sense of empowerment.

Elle Pierre

Project RACE Teens Vice President