I’m AJ Rempel, and I will discuss an aspect of my life as a multiracial teen. Today I want to highlight the value of family. Being multiracial often comes with experiencing multiple cultures at once. My dad is White and my mom, who is Dominican, is Black, White, and Native American. Different cultures bring different views on family.

All my life my parents have told me how important family is. Although most cultures stress this, many cultures have different views on who the family are. My mom is from the Dominican Republic and they are family oriented. In the Dominican Republic your family isn’t just siblings and parents, it’s also your aunts, uncles, grandparents, and even second cousins! My dad is from Minnesota, they are also very family oriented, but they focus more on immediate family and grandparents.

This has affected my life because I have grown up hanging out with my a lot of my extended family on my mom’s side. The culture on my mom’s side has also affected how I view my extended family on my dad’s side. I think because of the importance of extended family in the Dominican culture, I have grown closer to my extended family on my Dad’s side. This shows how when we take aspects of different cultures we can improve our lives and relationships.

It is so awesome how learning from different cultures can make someone a better person. I want to continue learning about my parents’ cultures, and learn about the cultures of others to make myself a more well-rounded person!


AJ Rempel 

Project Race Kids President