Susan Graham and Project RACE

Multiracial Heritage Week a Great Success!

2020-06-14T07:26:41+00:00June 14th, 2020|

Susan Graham I hope you enjoyed our showcasing some of our Project RACE Leadership families during Multiracial Heritage Week. I am being told by our Project RACE teens that it’s my turn! I was born in Detroit and went through all of my schooling in Michigan. I pursued careers in public relations, writing, industrial real estate, telecommunications, and finance. I married a black husband in 1981 and we had two multiracial children. I now have two grandchildren whom I spoil and adore. I divorced and re-married in 2005 to my [...]

Susan Graham on Podcast!

2019-08-11T22:21:56+00:00August 11th, 2019|

I had the pleasure of recording a podcast on Multiracial Family Man recently with comedian Alex Barnett and it’s available at the following Internet locations: iTunes: Libsyn Podcast Network: Stitcher: The interview is about 30 minutes and I would appreciate your taking the time to listen to it and find out what we have been up to at Project RACE. Also, Alex has some fascinating guests, so tune into the Multiracial Family Man podcasts. You can also leave comments and a review at the iTunes URL. Thank [...]

Born Biracial is out!

2019-04-24T11:21:54+00:00April 24th, 2019|

FOR RELEASE ON April 24, 2019 Contact: Susan Graham   Born Biracial is about the birth of a national civil rights movement   The White mother of two biracial children, Susan Graham realized her census form required her to pick only one race for her children. Wanting further explanation, she called the Census Bureau. She was put on hold for a very long time while they tried to figure out the answer. They got a supervisor involved. Finally, the United States Census Bureau employee said, “You should put [...]

Ten Reasons

2017-06-25T17:57:27+00:00June 25th, 2017|

Ten Reasons Why White Mothers Can Raise Multiracial Children: by Susan Graham We conceived or adopted our children and we knew exactly what we were doing. We are fully capable of raising our children as equals with their other monoracial or multiracial siblings. We do not have to be the same color as our child to give them the history and knowledge of their other ancestry or ancestries. We know how to say, “No thank you; my child does not need you to tell her what she is.” We know [...]

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