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We are thankful… To those of you who chose to donate to Project RACE! Our sincere gratitude for helping us continue our work. Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for your invaluable support. For further donation information please go to The Project RACE Team and Supporters

It’s Famous Friday!

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James Blake James Blake is a well-known tennis player who participated in the ATP tours and reached the world ranking of number 4 and ranked number 1 in the U.S.   James Blake was born in Yonkers, New York, on December 28, 1979. He is the son of Thomas Reynolds and Betty Blake. His father was African American and his mother is a British Caucasian woman. Blake, at a young age, took up tennis alongside his brother Thomas. At just the age of 13, Blake was diagnosed with severe scoliosis which [...]

I am Multiracial

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“I am multiracial” Mirage News -“What are you?” It’s a loaded question, and for people with multiple racial ancestries, it can be a body blow to that person’s sense of identity and inclusion. According to new research from University of Utah psychologists Jasmine Norman and Jacqueline Chen, questions such as “What are you?” and other experiences of discrimination are related to mixed race people’s identification as multiracial, particularly if that discrimination comes from monoracial people with whom they share heritage, or includes comments that a person’s appearance doesn’t match their [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

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FAMOUS FRIDAY: Kamala Harris As a general rule, we here at Project RACE try to avoid Famous Friday stories on people we’ve featured before. But when we do, it’s because they deserve it! I last wrote about Kamala Harris nearly three years ago. My article began like this: “Most of the world was expecting November 8, 2016 to mark the election of the first female president of the United States.  It did not. Many believe, however, that it was the day when America met the woman who could “shatter that glass [...]

Why I Won’t Watch Mixed-ish

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  I knew from the trailer that Mixed-ish, the spinoff from Black-ish would be trouble. But I decided to give the show a fair chance and watch the first episode that came out last week. It goes back in time in the life of Rainbow, a biracial woman. Way back to when she was growing up in a commune—actually a cult—which is hardly the same history as other biracial people in America in the 1980s. In fact, Tracee Ellis Ross, whose mother is Diana Ross and father is Robert Ellis [...]

Participate in Study

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Study of Childhood and Adolescent Experiences of Race and Ethnicity Do you identify as bi-racial or multi-ethnic?  Would you like to share your story?   We are conducting a study about the experiences of bi-racial or multi-ethnic individuals during childhood and adolescence and how those experiences have shaped how they view themselves and their sense of identity.   Eligibility: You identify as bi-racial or multi-ethnic You are over the age of 18   If you choose to participate: you will be asked to complete an online survey. This survey will [...]

Suicide by racial and ethnic groups

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Suicide risk factors vary by ethnic group by Laurie Fickman, University of Houston Risk factors for suicide are not universal among ethnic groups, a new report reveals. Credit: University of Houston Approximately 8.3 million adults in the United States reported thinking about suicide last year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While thoughts and deeds are clearly different, University of Houston professor of psychology Rheeda Walker has examined both and finds that current approaches to suicide prevention are troubling, because they usually consist of a "one-size-fits- all [...]

Data Includes Multiracial Students

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This article illustrates what school data should look like. Note the inclusion of multiracial students.  State school profiles now include more data: 'These measures help align us with our district goals' New measures added to a state education report offer a deeper look at discipline, postsecondary readiness and progress toward state and federal goals at Iowa’s public schools. The Iowa School Performance Profiles, an online tool showing how public schools performed on required measures, was introduced in December to meet federal and state requirements. It was expanded in May to [...]

Shutting Down the Rumor Mill

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Charles Michael Byrd wrote an article for the very conservative Washington Examiner on July 31 about Kamala Harris. He wrote, “mixed-race Americans are rightfully concerned that the government might shelve the multiple box option altogether.” I had a long conference call with Census Bureau executives this week and they stated there are NO PLANS to do this and they have no idea where it came from. Indeed, when I wrote to Byrd and appealed to him on social media, he never answered. It’s true that you never know what will [...]

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