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FAMOUS FRIDAY: Mayor Frank Jackson

2016-10-21T09:39:10+00:00October 21st, 2016|

Me with Mayor Frank Johnson at his office yesterday. Yesterday, I got to spend some time with Cleveland's 56th mayor, Frank Jackson. I can not share all the details about the off the record conversation that a small group of African American and multiracial students from University School had with Mayor Jackson. I can tell you it was deep and he was very open about his thoughts and feelings on some really important issues. We asked: How do you feel about the allegations of excessive force by Cleveland Police? [...]


2016-09-30T09:45:10+00:00September 30th, 2016|

Muhammad Ali was an amazing man. A world champion fighter, a civil rights activist, and a hero to many people. When he passed away this summer it was a great loss to the world. My mom worked for Muhammad for a number of years and was lucky to consider him a special friend. Below you can see pictures of some of the fun times they shared. But as much as my mom and people around the world will miss The Greatest, there are, of course, few people who will miss [...]

FAMOUS FRIDAY: Alessandro de’ Medici

2016-09-09T01:47:33+00:00September 9th, 2016|

Many people believe that interracial families and multiracial people are a relatively new thing. But, while our numbers are growing really quickly these days,  mixed-race families are definitely nothing new. There is tons of historical evidence that families like mine have been around for many centuries, long before the United States was even founded. Throughout Europe, African migration (some through slavery and some by choice) resulted in the birth of a multitude of multiracial people . This week's Famous Friday is one of those prominent multiracial people from the 1500s! Alessandro de’ Medici was believed to be the child of [...]

FAMOUS FRIDAY: Coffey Anderson

2016-07-29T04:06:07+00:00July 29th, 2016|

Coffey Anderson is a popular country and contemporary Christian singer. Since I do not usually listen to country music, except unwillingly when my sister Kendall is home, it is not a surprise that I had not heard of Coffey until recently. I have always found most country music a little silly, but the reason this country singer came to my attention is not silly at all. With the recent officer-involved shootings of people of color, Coffey made a video giving advice on exactly how to behave if you are stopped by police to increase [...]


2016-06-03T14:24:19+00:00June 3rd, 2016|

Taylor (Saucy T) Alexander Erickson, or Tay, was born on November 23 1995 to a white father and a black mother. He has recently been very successful making a wide variety of unconventional videos. Earlier this year, one of his videos on health insurance and youth enrollment even earned him an invitation to speak and screen his unique work at the White House. These videos, produced with only an iphone, have earned Tay several awards, won numerous contests and have recently launched him on a profitable career. Tay has also produced a [...]

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