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It’s Famous Friday!

2022-11-04T15:37:10+00:00November 4th, 2022|

  Happy Friday! This week's Famous Friday is highlighting American actor and producer Danny Pudi. Daniel Mark Pudi was born March 10, 1989. He is of Polish and Indian descent. Both his parents immigrated to the US, his mother from Poland and his father from India. Along with his two siblings, Adam and Katherine, Pudi grew up on the South Side of Chicago, however he attended Notre Dame College Prep in a northern suburb.  Growing up as a biracial child in Chicago in the 80s, Pudi faced different views of [...]

Medical Alert

2022-11-01T16:41:25+00:00November 1st, 2022|

FDA panel to examine evidence that pulse oximeters may not work as well on dark skin By Jacqueline Howard, CNN Published 7:52 AM EDT, Tue November 1, 2022 Pulse oximeters are used to check blood oxygen saturation levels and heart rate, but research suggests these devices may be less accurate in individuals with darker skin pigmentation. Grace Cary/Moment RF/Getty Images CNN —  As an emergency medicine physician, Dr. Owais Durrani sees this issue regularly first-hand: When he clamps a pulse oximeter onto a patient’s fingertip to measure their blood oxygen levels, the [...]

What Kids can Do

2022-10-23T17:15:20+00:00October 23rd, 2022|

I received a question asking how can kids get involved in our program and what can they do? My answer came back as undeliverable, so I am sharing it with you. Thank you for reaching out to Project RACE. In answer to your question, it depends on what ages the children are and what their interests are. The week of June 7 to 14 is Multiracial Heritage Week and is where most of our children are active. They hold parties, ceremonies, etc., often at their public libraries, but they can [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

2022-10-21T03:35:54+00:00October 21st, 2022|

Happy Friday Everyone! My name is Allan Rempel and today I am highlighting Roderick Woodson AKA Rod Woodson! Rod Woodson was born on March 10, 1965. James Woodson (Rod’s dad) is African American and Linda Jo (Rod’s mom) is Caucasian. Rod is considered one of the greatest defensive players of all time. Rod Woodson received a full-ride scholarship to play at Purdue University. Rod would mostly play cornerback and kick returner. Rod is still top ten at Purdue for interceptions, solo tackles, total tackles, passes deflected, and kickoff return yardage. [...]

Ohio Debate and Biracial Children

2022-10-18T14:12:33+00:00October 18th, 2022|

J.D. Vance and Rep. Tim Ryan clashed over racism during the Ohio Senate candidates' final debate on Monday evening. Driving the news: Vance accused Ryan of "slander" and said he's "disgusting" after the Democrat claimed his Republican rival defended far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and suggested he backed "white replacement theory," a conspiracy theory that has strains of anti-Semitism, racism and anti-immigrant sentiment. What they're saying: "Here's exactly what happens when the media and people like Tim Ryan accuse me of engaging in great replacement theory,” said Vance, whose wife is Indian American. "What happens is my own children [...]

Reminder – Project RACE

2022-10-14T16:50:10+00:00October 14th, 2022|

CALL TO ACTION! DEADLINE NOVEMBER 15th!   In the 1990s, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) put out a notice asking for public comment on the changes to racial and ethnic reporting. They received over 600 letters from people like you who wanted to see some changes in Multiracial reporting. That was considered a very influential number of responses at the time. Now the Census Bureau is asking for comments for the 2030 census. The more, the better! We each need to write letters to the Census Bureau. The [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

2022-10-14T03:49:14+00:00October 14th, 2022|

Derek Jeter   This week's Famous Friday is about Derek Jeter, a former professional baseball player who was one of the best in MLB history. Derek was born on June 26, 1974 in Pequannock, New Jersey. His mother Dorthy is of English, German, and Irish ancestry. His father Sanderson is African American. Dorthy is an accountant and Sanderson is a substance abuse counselor. Derek's father played baseball at  Fisk University as a shortstop. Derek also has a younger sister named Sharlee. In high school Sharlee became a softball star. Derek [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

2022-10-08T13:05:16+00:00October 8th, 2022|

Constance Jones   Happy Friday! This week’s article is highlighting two-time Emmy nominated Journalist Constance Jones! She was born July 3, 1983 in Stuttgart, Germany. Jones is of German and African American decent. Her parents, Ursula and George, were married almost 50 years ago, just a few years after the Loving v Virginia Supreme Court case, leading to the ruling that the banning of interracial marriages was unconstitutional. Constance Jones has over 16 years of Journalism experience and is currently the anchor for NBC 6 Today’s Miami, Florida weekday morning [...]

Multiracial Families, Long Distance

2022-10-02T22:27:22+00:00October 2nd, 2022|

My sweet and brilliant grandson Ashton just turned nine years old. His greatest love for years now is Bendy – he has drawn a fold-out rendition of Bendy and shown me in a video. He’ll be Bendy for Halloween this year. So I’m educating myself. Bendy is a video game character – this stuff seems dark. It’s advertised as the game “that will ruin your childhood love of cartoons.” I think I like it. While I watch a YouTube video of someone playing the game, I’m excited that my grandson [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

2022-09-30T13:30:05+00:00September 30th, 2022|

ZENDAYA Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman was born on September 1, 1996, and is a popular American actress and singer. Her father is African-American with roots in Arkansas and her mother has German and Scottish ancestry. Zendaya attended Oakland School for the Arts and while still a student, was cast in several roles in area theaters. She studied at the CalShakes Conservatory program and at the American Conservatory Theater.  In November 2009, she auditioned for the role of CeCe Jones in the Disney sitcom Shake it Up and she was selected to [...]

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